3-2 Count Batting Cages


Facility Rental: 3-2 Count Batting Cages

Teams can come rent the full or partial facility to work on hitting fundamentals anytime throughout the year.

Baseball/Softball Batting Cages: 3-2 Count Batting Cages

Players can come work on their hitting using machines made for baseballs or softballs that can be adjusted to various speeds.

Training: 3-2 Count Batting Cages

We offer several training options for both 1:1 coaching and group training. Our coaches are some of the best in the business.


Business Overview

Are you looking for a great indoor activity for you and your friends? Need to practice your swing for the big game coming up? Then come visit us at 3-2 Count Batting Cages in San Antonio, TX today! We offer excellent indoor batting cages and more so you can practice no matte Read more
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